The Biggest Multi State Co-Operative Bank in South India           

VCB Services

On par with any other commercial Bank, Visakhapatnam Co-operative Bank is intending to extend all banking services to its customers. As a part of it, the Bank has migrated to Core Banking Solutions environment in the year 2013 and providing Any Branch Banking and SMS banking services to its’ customers besides , traditional services like issuing of At par cheques, Demand drafts drawn on banks having branches throughout India.  

The gist of services which are being provided are

  • At par cheques bankers cheques

                            Bank is tied up with major scheduled commercial and public sector banks and is issuing at par cheques payable at anywhere in India against those current accounts. Listed banks pertaining to which at par cheques/Demand drafts which are being issued by the bank are IDBI, Axis bank & Hdfc bank.

    Bank is extending the above services at low rates detailed as below

    For Rs.below 50000/-

    Minimum commission Rs.15/- and Rs.2/-per thousand as a part there of(for walk-in customers against cash)

    For Rs.50000/- and above

    Minimum Rs.15/- and Rs.1.50 per thousand as a part there of(for account  holders)

      However, for Rs.50000/- and more amount, At par Cheques will be issued only to KYC compliant account holders by debiting their accounts

  • Demand Drafts Pay Order

     Bank is issuing its own pay orders/demand drafts drawn on its'own branches located throughout the Andhra Pradesh at meager rates.The present tariffs are as follows.

    Commission on Bills& drafts/PO

    Minimum Rs.15/- and Rs.2/-per thousand as a part there of(for walk-in customers against cash)

    Minimum Rs.15/- and Rs.1.50 per thousand as a part there of(for account  holders)

      However, for Rs.50000/- and more amount, POs/DDs will be provided only to account holders who are KYC compliant by debiting to their accounts

  • Any Branch Banking (ABB)

    Any Branch Banking (ABB) is a facility being extended to our customers to operate their account from any of our networked branches. On introduction of centralized core banking services since December 2013, the above facility has come into force. The branch where the customer maintains his account is the base branch and the branch from where he carries out his transactions is referred as the remote branches

    Any Branch Banking facility is available in ALL branches of our Bank. 

    FACILITIES available under ABB: 

    Cash Deposit: Deposit cash for credit of your account through any of our branches. There is no limit for deposition of cash across the Bank on a particular day.

    Purchase of Demand Drafts / Pay Orders: Purchase demand drafts / pay orders at any remote branch by debiting your account maintained at the base branch.

    Deposit of Local Cheques: You can deposit local cheques at remote branches for crediting the proceeds after realization to your account maintained at base branches. 

    Stop Payment facility at Remote Branches: You can give instructions to Stop Payment of cheques issued by you at any of our branches by simply giving a written request. You can also revoke the stop payment instruction issued by you earlier

    Repayment to Loan accounts: Now you can make repayments to your loans such as Mortgage Loan, Vehicle Loan, etc. held with your branch through any of our Bank Branches by Cash / Local cheque. 

  • Clean Bill Purchase

    To facilitate Business people or other who is in urgent need of money, Bank is advising against Clean Bills on purchase of instrument.

    When the bank negotiates Cheques/bill payable on demand when clean, the facility is known as Clean Bills purchase. The face value of the bill is immediately paid to the holder of the bill. After purchasing the bill the bank becomes the holder in due course to the value and acquires all rights of ownership over the instrument.  

    1. The purchaser (the beneficiary customer) should sign the required documents.

    2. At any point of time the limit sanctioned will not exceed the value of instrument and if the purchased documents (cheques/Bills) returned for any reasons the amount should be remitted immediately and the bills purchased account must be adjusted.

     Maximum amount that can be allowed under clean bills purchase are Rs.50000/-.However, Bank will allow purchase of instruments only in case of Govt.Bills/Demand drafts/quasi govt or PSU issued cheques.

    The amount so allowed for purchase will be credited to customer's account on collection of necessary charges.

    The commision charged by the bank in case of clean bills purchase is

    In case of local instruments

    @10 Paise  per Rs.100/-(value of instrument) per 1 day

    In case of non local instruments/O.B.Cs

    @40 paise per Rs.100/-(value of instrument) per 1 day