Safe Deposit Lockers

Safe Deposit Lockers

VCBank offers safe deposit Lockers to its customers through its 50 branches and also at Main branch at very reasonable charges. The safe deposit lockers can be operated during the banking operations. We provide the maximum safety to your valuables that are placed in our Safe Deposit Lockers.

Locker types & Rental Tariff

We are providing four sizes of lockers to fit to your requirements. For verification of prevailing Locker Rates: click here

Following are the requirement to open a Safe Deposit locker account

  • One year's rent has to be paid in advance
  • Savings bank account with minimum balance of Rs.300/- has to be opened in case of non account holders
  • Has to open a Term deposit account with yearly Interest payment option to meet the requirement of annual Locker rental charges
  • Our lockers are offered at very competetive rates. Please visit your nearest branch to find out more about locker availability.